Three Acres Landscape Architecture is a new design studio based in Melbourne. Australia.

Established in 2011, we offer a practice that has considerable experience in contemporary landscape architecture and urban design.

The studio name is a reference to the book ‘Three Acres and Liberty’, an early guide to urban agriculture and sustainability. The book was written in 1907 by Bolton Hall, a progressive author who established the Vacant Lot Gardening Association in New York City. According to Hall, three acres of farmland is sufficient to grow enough food, furnish a simple but comfortable home, escape the reliance on employers and lead a happy life.


The book not only embodies the idea of sustainable development, but the uplifting qualities of landscape and the outdoor environment. Similarly, our projects are characterized by a strong understanding of the specific nature of the site, and an understanding of our clients, their detailed desires and the way they wish to live.

With more than fifteen years’ experience working as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, Paul Waddell is the Manager and Director of Three Acres. Paul’s expertise lies in working with multi-disciplinary teams in all aspects of the design process. We are looking forward to the continued growth of Three Acres as a dynamic, creative and ecologically sustainable practice in landscape architecture and urban design.


Three Acres Landscape Architecture
G1/96 Pilgrim Street
Seddon 3011

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